Yoga Basics & Alignment | 30th March 2019

Yoga Basics & Alignment | 30th March 2019

Just a few places left!

Time: 9:30 – 14:30
Max. 12 participants
Location: Amalienstr. 65, @T(Raum) 1. Floor

  • In Down Dog – how wide must my feet be apart? My wrist hurts!
  • In plank – may the butt be up? Where should my shoulders be?
  • Warrior 2 – Does the front knee have to be bent at 90 degrees? Why?

The correct alignment of the joints has a direct effect on your entire body static. Ignorance or wrong practice can lead to injuries. Learn the basics in this workshop and learn which posture is right for your body. Whether you are a yoga beginner or have been practicing for years, the basic understanding of your joints and muscles will enhance your yoga practice and completely change your view of asanas!
We start with a yoga flow of 75 minutes. Then there is a break for a light snack. During this time, questions will be collected, which are then answered in a mix of theory and practice session.

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